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Join Up with the Bay Area Barns & Trails

Your support will help make possible the continuation of our efforts to protect and preserve our horse culture by supporting projects of Bay Area equestrian organizations, landowners, land trusts, and land managing agencies.

Please donate today using the Paypal link below.

You can also donate by check and mail to:
Bay Area Barns & Trails, P. O. Box 2435, Mill Valley, California 94942.

Donation Level Donation Level

$35 Family/Individual

$1,000 Barn Raiser

$50 Organization $2,500 Open Space Protector
$100 Business/Stable Affiliate $5,000 Silver Snaffle
$250 Trail Partner $10,000 Diamond Horseshoe

The saddest words a horse enthusiast can hear are: "There once were horses here." Whether spoken of a dilapidated barn, or closed trail, or meadow pastures now tightly overgrown with tract houses, the loss of horse ‘habitat’ means the ultimate loss of horses from our lives and landscapes.

Since its inception BABT has donated over $292,000 for projects that are helping preserve equestrian trails, horse facilities, or at-risk open space. Our ability to support future projects depends upon our success in receiving more financial support from private foundations and public funding sources, equestrian businesses, organizations and families.

We ask you become part of this effort to preserve all things equine in the Bay Area. Please act on your love of open lands, equines, and equestrian activities by contributing to help save a stall, a paddock, a trail, a pasture…

Thank you for your generosity!

leah For more information about these grants and our Grants Program please visit our Programs & Projects page.
Thank you for your support!